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Hyper FPS Game Overwatch, a multiplayer team based on "Blizzard," was first launched worldwide on May 24, 2016 on PC, Xboxes and PS4. There are heroes I can choose from in Overwatch, and as a result of the author's own experience, there are a total of 32 heroes who were released by July 2020. With the official announcement of Overwatch, he also announced that there is a high possibility that no new heroes will emerge in 2020. 

Skin that always follows FPS games?

Recently, many FPS games have been equipped with "Skin" After playing many FPS games, there was no FPS game without "Skin." But the difference between Overwatch and other FPS games is that Overwatch can all 32 heroes get their skins through the "Traditional Box" and it is actually difficult to have the skin of a particular hero I want. But there was a slight difference here because other FPS games could only get the "skins" I wanted. It would be nice to have a way to get a certain skin for each hero in order to get more of the players' game fun 바둑이사이트.

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Overwatch allows various plays.

Just as every FPS game is capable of a variety of plays, Overwatch also has a variety of plays. A total of six plays are available, including "Quick Daejeon," "Arcade," "Competition," "Game Explorer," artificial intelligence opponents" and "Experience Mode." Among them, the two most popular plays are "fast Daejeon" and "competition." The author experienced the competition in person, but in order to compete in the competition, it was only possible to play in a certain level, and it was not boring to enjoy "Quick Daejeon" while waiting for "Competition War." The first-hand "competition" was able to win the game if he chose the hero he wanted and co-opted with the team members to occupy the base. In addition, you can choose a hero that suits you, such as Healing Hero, Assault Hero, Defensive Hero, and so on. I think it was a "fun game" that was definitely different from other FPSs because I could enjoy the game by choosing the heroes who had many different varieties, not just one hero.

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"Treasure and Compliment Card" 

When I played Overwatch and raised Reval, I could get a special box called "Traditional Goods Box." I got this box and got one hero's skin. The author chose "The Attack Hero" to compete, but I remember being very disappointed with "The Healing Hero" in the box. Also, the key factors to gain from users who play the compliment card together are high healing and high damage defense. Both enemy and ally can give one compliment card to the user who played the most in the game. If you get a compliment, you get a voice message: five compliment cards are "excellent" and ten compliment cards are "legendary." However, the author only received up to 2 compliments. It is very hard to get a compliment card, and getting more than five is also great. I think these systems are the only advantage of "overwatch."  

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"Overwatch's unique FPS game differentiation."

Overwatch is first less violent than other FPS games. Most characters feel like robots. Also, one of the key elements that best represent Overwatch, the "Gungukgi," unlike other FPS games, has come a long way. Damage to the enemy forces will slowly fill the ultimate gauge, which can be used at 100%. The 32 heroes have different ultimate strengths, so if the team members have good teamwork, they can easily win the game. Because many heroes have different ultimate elements, the game is not boring easily and each hero has different characteristics, so if you are bored, you can play a hero with different characteristics. I can feel another fun like this. 

"E-Sports and Overwatch League"

Many games have leagues and E-sports, but Overwatch has many stories at the time of release. First of all, to explain E-sports, the largest amount in history has been invested. There were 12 teams participating in the first season of 2018, and each team had to pay a membership fee of $20 million. In 2019, $35 million was required to sign up, and the total was $520 million. It is said to have been the largest investment in history with an amount of 600 billion won. It is also said that many large companies are contracted as official sponsors. Next is the Overwatch League. The league is an integral part of the FPS game. It is broadcast live through the league so that even people who don't know the game can know through TV. But there is also a problem with the league. On the official website, you can buy clothes for the team you support, but the quality of the clothes is not very good and the arrangement of the colors does not match, so there were many fans who refund. There were also fans who bought clothes for the team they cheered for but did not print their team on the clothes. 

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"What the author felt while playing Overwatch himself."

If you are getting tired of boring FPS games, I recommend you start the differentiated FPS game "Overwatch." The sense of accomplishment that you can win by collaborating with your team to find the right hero here is beyond words. It's good to have the idea that you might be talented in this game. If I think I'm good at Overwatch, I can prove my skills through "competition" and get love calls from many teams. But don't judge Overwatch as too easy. Cooperation is important and the ability of your FPS game is also important. Start by finding a specific hero that fits you. And on the day you get 10 compliment cards, you will gain a great sense of accomplishment and gain confidence.

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